Frequently Asked Questions

What your refund policy? Is an ITIN guaranteed?

We have 110% refund policy for ITIN orders as long as the application is done with a US Company and EIN. Our success rate is 100% so we assure we will get your ITIN. If we fail, we pay 10% more back to you as a direct 110% refund without an additional conversation.

ITIN Applications can be done for variety of reasons. Unlike the most common and safe option doing with an EIN and US business, we can apply for you for the particular reason you need, but in this case, if you are rejected, it’s not refundable.

Can you file for an ITIN Application without a company?

Which state should I choose? LLC or C Corp?

As a non-resident we recommend Delaware, Wyoming, and Florida. Since you won’t reside/live you’ll not be liable for state tax. If you’re on a tight budget Wyoming is usually the best option since maintaining costs are lower. If you’re looking for super-fast formation you can also consider New Mexico. Delaware is the most common option and easiest to deal with.

If you have shareholders and a bit more of a bigger long-term business, you can consider a C Corp. If you’re just a beginner, an LLC would be better for you.

It varies from state to state, most commonly Delaware has a $300 Franchise Tax, Wyoming has a $40 Annual Report Fee, we remind you when these are due, and you can directly pay the state.

Our annual registered agent fee is $198, it includes the business address where you can get unlimited scans all year around.

If you have an annual VPS service, it’s $198 after the first year.

How much does it cost to maintain the company?

Is PayPal, Stripe, or the Bank Account guaranteed?

No, there is a chance that they may not accept your business. The application of Stripe, PayPal opening, and bank services are subject to ID verification and their approval. Before you submit your application, we help as much as we can to make sure everything complies with their terms and requirements, which will typically avoid the risk of rejection in most cases, however the last decision is ultimately made by them, which we do not have any influence on.

Depending on what you’ve ordered, every submission and filling is done in under 48 hours, which makes us the fastest possible processing US company service provider to work with. There will be no delays on our part. Any delays that might happen would be because of the government agencies such as the IRS and State.

Company and EIN

With the basic information you provide at the portal we file the company to the state. Depending on the state, the formation takes 2-7 business days on average and post-formation documents arrive to our office in 3-5 business days. If you ordered a Sim card, that will be shipped to your home country address right after your order.

After the company documents arrive, we submit the EIN to IRS, it takes 15 business days for your EIN to be ready. (Currently up to 25 days because of IRS’s delays.)


After we receive all your company documents, proper passport scan, EIN document, and basic information you provided on the portal our agent fills out your w7 form and we guide you on how to sign properly and ship it to our US office. Unlike all other ITIN providers, we also have an option to not ship the w7 form physically. It’s completely for free.

After we receive your w7 form, we apply for your ITIN and your ITIN process starts. This is where we wait for IRS on delivery, and this can take 6-8 weeks. (Currently, it may take up to 10 weeks because of IRS’s delays.) We deliver your ITIN result to you via email.

How long is the process? How does everything work? What are the necessary documents?

What languages do you support?

We can help you to open your US entity in English, 中文, ру́сский,عَرَبِيّ, türkçe, and español.